Best Laptops For Computer Science & Engineering Students (2020)

Hey guys in this article we’re gonna be checking out the five best laptops for computer science and engineering students in 2020. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research. And I’ve listed them based on quality, durability, price and more.

I’ve included options for every type of consumer. So if you’re looking for an entry-level option or the best product money can buy we have that product for you. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links down below.

best laptops for computer science students

Best Laptops For Computer Science Students

5- Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Coming in fifth place we have the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. A pick for the best two-in-one laptop for programming students.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 features a powerful eighth-generation 1.3 GigaHertz Intel Core i5 8400T processor. As well as eight gigabytes of RAM. It offers plenty of computing power for maximum efficiency.

This laptop measures 12.7 by 9.1 by 1.9 inches with a total weight of 4.57 pounds. Making it an incredibly lightweight and compact. It is very easy to take with you on the go wherever you want to work.

The 12.3-inch display has an impressive resolution of 2736 by 1824 giving you a bright crisp picture that you will absolutely love. Just close the kickstand and fold the type cover back to use it as a tablet anytime you want.

This 2 in 1 design makes it a highly versatile and useful piece of technology for programmers. You can use this laptop in studio mode by lowering a kickstand to 15 degrees using the surface pen to write and draw at the most ideal angle.

The pen that this computer comes with is designed for absolute precision featuring a rubber eraser on one end and an Ink material on the other tip. Another great thing about this laptop is the battery. Which lasts up to 13.5 hours with constant video playback.

It is a huge convenience when you’re doing work somewhere and that doesn’t give you access to an electrical outlet.


Some of the features of this laptop include:

2 in 1 Design

The kickstand on the back of this laptop can be flipped to use it as a laptop quickly and easily.

Studio Mode

You can lower these laptops kickstand to 15 degrees for writing and drawing at the perfect angle.

Surface Pen

The plastic pen that comes with this laptop allows you to write and draw on the screen with minimal effort.

Surface Arc Mouse

The Surface Arc Mouse is designed to conform to your hand and it can be easily folded when traveling.


Some of the pros of this laptop include:

Long Battery Life

You can get approximately 13 hours of use from this laptop before you have to plug it into an electrical outlet.

Responsive Display

The display on this laptop is bright crisp and very responsive to both your fingers and the pen.


This laptop feels like it weighs hardly anything. So it won’t be difficult to take with you wherever you go.


One con this laptop has is that if you are pushing the CPU to the max for a long time, you might notice the underside of this laptop gets a bit hot. Coming in at around seven hundred and fifty dollars the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is by far the best two-in-one laptop for programming students. It features a sleek and lightweight design as well as some of their powerful specs that will optimize your work efficiency.

4- Apple MacBook Pro MF840LL/A

Coming in fourth place we have the Apple MacBook Pro. The Apple MacBook Pro features a 2.7 GigaHertz i5 processor and 8 gigabytes of ddr3 memory. It will give you more than enough computing power to do your programming schoolwork without any annoying lag.

This laptop measures 8.6 by 12.4 by 0.7 inches. With the total weight of just 3.48 pounds making it very light and compact, taking it with you wherever you go is never a hassle. It has a nice sleek design with a black glossy border around the display and silver surface.

There are numerous connectivity options including 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports, an HDMI output audio in and out port, an SD card slot. You also have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 for establishing quick and reliable wireless connections.

The 13.3-inch Retina display offers a very impressive resolution of 2560 by 1600 giving you a sharp and detailed picture. The p3 wide color spectrum is perfect for those who need to do photo editing work it is a really good looking display to be sure.

In terms of battery, you can get around 10 hours of use from this laptop with 75% brightness which isn’t bad at all. This is a huge improvement on its predecessor which only had a battery life of about eight hours.


Some of the features of this laptop include:

MagSafe Adapter

The MagSafe adapter this laptop comes with is very durable and makes it easy to establish a secure connection with this device.

SD Card Slot

The SD card slot you have will make it easier to transfer photos from your digital camera.

Solid-State Drive

The 256 gigabytes solid-state drive that this laptop uses will provide you with plenty of storage.


Some of the pros of this laptop include:

Beautiful Display

The high-resolution retina display of this laptop offers a wide color spectrum for easier photo and video editing.

Solid Processor

The Intel Core i5 processor with hyperthreading gives you lots of power to make programming work less cumbersome.

Long-Lasting Battery

This laptop 13-hour battery life is very impressive.


To say the least, one con of this laptop is that there could be better connectivity options and it has only one HDMI port and a few USB ports.

Coming in at such a decent price. The Apple MacBook Pro is a very powerful and efficient machine that is perfectly suited to programmers, photo editors, and gamers alike. It features an excellent display and a nice lightweight design that makes it easy to travel with

3- Acer Aspire E 15 (Best Computer Engineering Laptop)

Coming in third place we have the Acer Aspire E15. Our pick for the best budget laptop for computer engineering students.

The Acer Aspire E15 features plenty of ample power having an eighth-generation Intel Core i3 8130U processor that can reach up to 3.4 gigahertz with a turbo boost. It also comes with 6 gigabytes of dual-channel memory and one terabyte (1TB) hard drive.

The optical drive allows you to play and rip DVDs quickly and efficiently. A 15.6 inch full HD widescreen LED-lit display gives you a resolution of 1920 by 1080. It offers a very sharp picture with plenty of detail that is great for viewing HD content or even gaming.

You can get about 13.5 hours of battery power from this laptop before you have to plug it into an electrical outlet, which isn’t bad at all. This can be really useful when you don’t want to be tethered to an electrical outlet. It is without any doubt one of the best laptops for computer science students under budget in 2020.

If we talk about connectivity. The USB 3.1 type C port in this laptop will give you an ultra-fast data transfer speed. And the USB 3.0 port will allow you to charge devices even when the computer is turned off. There is also an HDMI port which is very useful if you want to use an external display for your programming work. The SD card reader gives you a quick and easy efficient way to transfer photos.


Some of the features of this laptop include:

Optical Drive

The optical drive in this laptop lets you rip DVDs at a speed of 8 times. Which can be useful for work presentations.

Turbo Boost Technology

The CPU’s turbo boost technology lets you get up to 3.4 gigahertz for ultimate power and efficiency.

One Terabyte Hard Drive

This laptop 1 TB hard drive will provide you with plenty of storage space for all of your files.


Some of the pros of this laptop include:

Lots of Connectivity Options

There is a wide range of new and old ports to choose from with this laptop.

Big Touchpad

The touchpad on this laptop is very large with a nice responsive design.

Great Keyboard Design

The keyboard has a comfortable design with snappy feedback that is perfect for programming work.


One con of this laptop is that the display is a little dull and doesn’t really offer anything special coming in at around 330 dollars.

The Acer Aspire a 15 is by far the best budget laptop for programming it has a nice lightweight design. With a large touchpad comfortable keyboard and a decently fast processor. You will also get plenty of memory and a long lasting battery life of around 13 hours.

2- Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E580

Coming in second place we have the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E580. Another best laptop for computer science majors.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E580 features a dark silver design with an aluminum lid and a plastic body.

It has a fairly minimalistic design that gives you a nice modern aesthetic. This laptop measures 14.5 by 9.9 by 0.8 inches with a total weight of 4.7 pounds.

Well, it’s not the most compact model on the market, it’s still easy to carry around. The 15 inch HD screen offers a native resolution of 1920 by 1080 which is perfectly adequate for everyday work. It also makes it possible to fully appreciate HD video content.

The display has a brightness rating of 244 nits which is not great but still pretty good. We really like the keyboard on this laptop, because of the 1.78 millimeters of travel and strong tactile feedback beneath it. You will find a buttonless touchpad that boasts a precise and responsive design, that supports multi-touch gestures.

The dual-core Intel Core i5 7200U processor has a base speed of 2.5 gigahertz which can be taken up to 3.1 gigahertz with a turbo boost. This laptop also comes with 8GB’s of RAM giving you smooth multitasking capabilities. Let’s talk about connectivity. There are two USB 3.1 ports, a single USB 2.0 port, an HDMI output, USB 3.1 type C and an Ethernet jack.


Some of the features of this laptop include:

Anti-Glare Display

This laptops LED-backlit anti-glare display gives you a clear and sharp picture to make your work easier.

HD Webcam

There is also a 720p HD webcam and microphone for smooth video.

Fingerprint Scanner

The built-in fingerprint scanner keeps your laptop locked to halt unauthorized users.


Some of the pros of this laptop include:

Excellent Keyboard

The deep travel and comfortable design of this laptop keyboard make it easier to be productive when working.

Solid Performance

This laptop has a fast processor and plenty of memory for efficient multitasking.

Attractive Design

The simple and clean design of this laptop gives it an appealing modern look.


One con of this laptop is that the display is a little dim and could definitely be a bit brighter. Coming in at around $700 the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 580 is a great laptop with a lot to offer for professional programmers. It has a fast processor, ample RAM and plenty of storage space on a solid-state drive.

While the display leaves something to be tired, the keyboard is impressive, to say the least, it’s very well worth the money especially for those who are on a budget.

1- Dell XPS 9570 (Best Laptop For Computer Science Students)

Coming in the first place we have the Dell XPS 9570. Our pick for the best overall laptop for computer science students in 2020.

The Dell XPS 9570 features a powerful six-core Intel Core i7 8750 processor that can go up to 4.1 gigahertz. You also get an impressive 32 GB’s of DDR4 memory. Making it easy to work efficiently on a daily basis.

This laptop 15.6 inch 4k Ultra HD infinity edge display has a native resolution of 3840 by 2160. The brilliant touch interface display is very responsive framed by an ultra-thin bezel that gives you more screen fun. It weighs only 4 pounds, making it very lightweight and easy to carry around from place to place.

The carbon fiber chiclet keyboard deck has a soft touch design that gives you snappy feedback and a comfortable overall feel. The touchpad is very smooth and doesn’t feature any physical buttons. It’s easy to use this keyboard for hours without any discomfort whatsoever.

One of the most unexpectedly impressive things about this laptop is its speakers. While they are fairly small they do a very very big sound without much distortion or tininess.

There are two USB 3.1 gen2, HDMI to output, Thunderbolt three port, SD card slot, and a standard headset jack. You also have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The one terabyte SSD provides you with ample storage space and superfast data transfer speeds.


Some of the features of this laptop include:

Backlit Keyboard

The fully backlit keyboard on this laptop makes typing on it easy even in low-light environments.

Stereo Speakers

This laptop stereo speakers deliver a full and detailed sound without any noticeable distortion.

Solid-State Drive

The 1TB solid-state drive gives you plenty of data storage and fast transfer speeds.


Some of the pros of this laptop include:

Compact Design

The light and compact design of this laptop make it very easy to take with you wherever you go.

Sharp Display

This laptop 4k Ultra HD display is extremely bright and sharp with incredible detail.

Excellent Performance

A 6-core processor and ample memory provide you with some serious computing power for speed and efficiency.


One con of this laptop is that there is only one Thunderbolt 3 USB port which limits your ability for fast charging and connections. Coming in at around $2,200 XPS 9570 is the best overall laptop for computer and programming students in 2020. It has some incredibly powerful hardware with a fast processor and plenty of memory. The display is sharp and quite impressive, to say the least, and the backlit keyboard is very well designed.


So above is the list of best laptops for computer engineering students. These are surely the best laptops for computer science students, and college students based upon the factors we discussed above. Thanks for reading and that’s all for this article. If you liked this article and this article helped you out in any way please give the comment below and hit that share button.

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