8 Best Travel Laptops For Business to Buy in 2021

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I know you guys are looking for the best travel laptops for business in 2021? Yes? Congratulations, you are in the right place. In this post, I have listed the best business travel laptops based upon a series of testing by our professional team. We have tested a lump sum of 67 laptops for nearly eight days and based upon that, and we come up with our list of all-time best laptops.

I know buying a new laptop might be a cumbersome job for the majority of us, including me :D. The primary reason is that we are somehow confused that which laptop to chose out of 100’s of different laptops in the market. I was precisely in the same position a year back.

best travel laptops for business

Last year, I purchased a new laptop for my business travel because I have to travel to the USA many times that year. I have not done proper research before buying that laptop. And my hard luck, I irritated me a lot. One day due to a few jerks, the computer went out of power went dead. All my necessary data is lost, and I have to bear a significant loss because I have not done my homework before purchasing that laptop. So, now you might get to know that how important is it to search for a perfect laptop.

Then I decided to do proper research, and surprisingly, I found the best laptop I ever used in my life. Based on that experience and tests, I wrote this detailed guide for you people. So, you may not have that experience I had after my first purchase. So, don’t worry because I have done the homework for you :). So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.


1- Acer Aspire S 13

If you are looking for one of the best laptops in the market. That not only fulfills your daily travel demands but also makes your business trips more fascinating, then Acer Aspire S13 might be an excellent choice for you in this scenario.

A dominant Intel Core i5 powers this beautiful masterpiece from Acer, 6200U Microprocessor, supports up to 2.8 GHz. A full 13.3″ multi-touch widescreen view is one of the compelling reasons to buy this laptop without any second thought. Having 8GB LPDDR3 RAM enables this laptop to handle even large assignments and complex business tasks in a professional way. Also, it is powered by an SSD 256 GB, which makes this laptop one of the fastest laptops in this market. More than 13 hours of battery life will make this laptop to last longer than ordinary laptops during your business travel trips.

2- Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018)

This laptop is the world’s smallest yet beautifully assembled laptop, having compact shape and size. If you are looking for one of the powerful laptops, then this laptop is only for you. This laptop helps you to tackle heavy travel and business chores and enables you to cope with all complex business tasks and assignments.

This beautiful laptop is powered by an Intel QuadCore 8th Gen, Core i7 8550U Microprocessor, which makes this laptop one of the fastest laptops in this top 8 list. Also, it has 512 GB powerful SSD, which makes this laptop fastest in terms of storing and retrieving your business data. 16 GB DDR3 RAM is also another powerful feature of this laptop. With 13.3” Ultra HD 4k display, it also has a battery backup of 12 hours, which is enough to make your business trips more healthy.

3- HP EliteBook 840 G5

HP EliteBook is a flagship notebook by HP. Explicitly designed for people in business and travelers. The best thing about this laptop is that it is very lightweight and has a very long-lasting battery.

I have been using this laptop for 4 months and I found it one of the best and extraordinary laptop I have used ever in my life. It never disappoint me in any situation, buying this laptop is the best decision I ever made.

This laptop features Intel Core i5, 1.6 GHz Microprocessor, along with 8 GB of DDR4 SD RAM and 256 GB SSD. Which makes it blazing fast, and it can do all your tasks and assignment in no time. Also, it has a 14 inch 1920 x 1080 pixels display (non-touch), which is impressive even in brighter environments.

4- Huawei MateBook X Pro

An ultra-fast, robust, thin, lightweight, and powerful laptop in this price range. Huawei MateBook X Pro is one of the best and most selling laptops by Huawei. The only thing I like more about this laptop is that it is the ultra thin and lightweight laptop I have ever seen.

This powerful rig is powered by an Intel 8th Gen i5-8250U Processor, 8GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD and a gorgeous 3k touch screen to do your favorite tasks with clarity. I can surely say that this laptop has nearly all the essential features, even a high range laptop could ever have. So, why are you waiting to buy now if you are looking for the best business travel laptops?

5- Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Like previously discussed laptops, this laptop also comes with compelling features. It is one of the highest selling laptops of Microsoft. With extraordinary performance, durability, fastest speed, and many other best features, this laptop made it on our list.

Powerful Intel Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD this laptop provides all the unique features and has all the capabilities a high-end travel laptop ever had. We tested this laptop for a few days. We amazingly got an average battery life of 14 hours, which is so far best in numbers we have tested.

6- Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen)

A very powerful yet but an average battery life laptop. Packed with a lot of extraordinary features you would enjoy.

It is a high budget travel laptop and also has end features.

Packed with an Intel Core i7 6th Gen powerful Processor, with 16 GB DDR3 RAM and 512 GB Flash Memory SSD, which enables you to store vast amounts of your business data without any lag at higher speeds. It has a practical, tested battery life of more than 6 hours, although on lighter tasks like reading, writing it will last for 7-8 hours on average, which is so far the best value for such a higher-end laptop.

7- Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook a unique and fastest-selling laptop by Google. It is unique in terms of look, performance, compactness, and a lot of other features.

It is powered by an Intel Core i7 Processor along with other high notch capabilities like 16 GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. These also have a higher battery life than most of the laptops. If you are looking to make your business trips more unique thnn this unique laptop is just a better choice for you.

8- Dell Inspiron 3580

Most of the laptops you have seen above are mostly are high budget laptops with mostly more top hardware and software capabilities. But some of us might be looking for a budget laptop for business travel under $500. If you are one of them looking for a budget laptop under 500, then Dell Inspiron 3580 might be a perfect choice for you.

An Intel Core i7 8565U Processor powers it with an 8GB of RAM DDR4 and a sturdy HDD of 1TB capacity, which not only enables you to store large amounts of data but also ensures the smooth running of this laptop. The most important thing I like about this laptop is its unique and compact shape. Also, this laptop weighs only 2.28 kgs, which makes it a more comfortable fit for the travel laptop. You can read more about this budget laptop and some other travel laptops here.

It is one of the best budget laptops under 500 dollars. I have also used this laptop in 2017 for a longer time, and it never disappointed me anytime, anywhere. So, why are you waiting? Heads up and buy a perfect laptop that best suits your budget and needs.


Now, you might be wondering that upon which factors we have based our best travel laptops ranking upon. Although there are a large number of such factors, here I have pointed out common factors that have a significant impact on these rankings.

1- Weight

Like, best vlogging cameras. While making and selecting a list of best business laptops, we make sure that these laptops should be lightweight. As you have to travel with these laptops.

2- Speed

All the laptops we have mentioned above have extraordinary speed and can do daily and complex tasks very quickly. Good processing speed and RAM speed is one of the primary reason for the super-fast speed of these laptops.

3- Compactness

Compactness and Ruggedness are two essential factors why we spend hundreds of dollars on these business travel laptops. All the laptops above are rugged and compact and can easily withstand mild to severe travel jerks.

4- Size

As for weight, the size of the laptop holds an essential position in the ranking of the laptops. As for business travels, it is comfortable to have laptops of smaller size, rather than having laptops of larger size. So, we tried our best to include the maximum of those laptops having small size as compared to other laptops with large scales.

5- Economy versus performance (Value for money)

We tried to utilize the economy/performance relationship for these laptops best and found that the laptops above have the best value, keeping into consideration their amount.


I have listed above eight best travel laptops for business to buy in 2021. Our professionals tested several notebooks, where we picked the top 8 among them to help you with buying. We tried our best to give you our honest advice on buying the best laptop for your choice.

It is not always a good idea to buy any laptop-based upon a single factor or based upon an element that is of no importance for you. You have first to select the best travel business laptop keeping in view your demands, needs, and for which purpose you are going to buy a computer. I tried my best to cover all these laptops in detail. Now it is totally up to you to decide which laptop best suits for you.

I tried my best to cover this topic in detail. If you still have any query, you are most welcome. See you next time. Happy shopping :). (Latest Updated).

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