Are gaming laptops good for school? – 2023 Ultimate Guide

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A common question we receive is, “Are gaming laptops good for school?” Well, as you may not know, high-end gaming laptops are actually among the finest in the industry, with the power to run CPU-intensive titles like GTA or Skyrim.

However, they are also incredibly effective at multitasking and running any type of intensive software or program easily and effectively.

Because of this, many individuals use gaming laptops for work and school, where it’s crucial to be able to do jobs and activities without being slowed down by limited RAM and shoddy processing units.


Can gaming laptops be used as regular laptops?

gaming laptop good for school

Yes, gaming laptops can be used as regular laptops because they were created specifically to accomplish incredibly demanding tasks.

Even though they may not be as powerful as their respective desktop versions, gaming laptops are excellent computers that deliver strong performance.

How do they perform when used for regular tasks like streaming video, working on graphic designs, writing, video editing, or just surfing the web?

We know they’re amazing for gaming and handling a variety of graphically demanding games.

Let’s look more closely at the important features to look for when using a gaming laptop for school


Gaming laptops frequently feature a lot of RAM, often exceeding 16GB. When compared to a conventional laptop, which typically contains 4GB to 8GB of RAM, this is often more than twice as much.

You may be wondering, are gaming laptops good for browsing?

The answer is yes, gaming laptops are good for browsing due to the fact that multiple tabs can be opened at once with more RAM, which makes them ideal for browsing.

The same holds true for general work, when having many tabs open at once is necessary.

CPU & Display

In addition to having potent CPUs and graphics cards, they also offer great displays with blazingly fast refresh rates.

The majority of gaming laptops are FHD and feature excellent refresh rates ranging from 144 Hz to occasionally 240 Hz, like the Razer Blade 15.

Fast-moving video benefits from higher refresh rates because they enable greater frames per second.

Additionally, you may discover that the displays have HDR certification in some cases, giving you access to panels with a greater dynamic range and deeper contrast.

A common question we get is, “are gaming laptops good for video editing?“.

In short, yes, gaming laptops are good for video editing as they typically offer high-end CPU performance that most conventional laptops can’t reach.

This will make all your office work, school work, and video editing smooth as butter.


Due to the additional premium components, gaming laptops might weigh a little bit more than you might anticipate.

In general, gaming laptops are a little bit larger than conventional laptops; some of the nicest Chromebooks provide an obvious contrast.

There is, however, a middle ground to be found because laptops like the Razer Blade 15 have a relatively low profile.

Battery Life

gaming laptop good for school charging

Long battery lifetimes are essential for the best laptops for travel, and as gaming laptops may consume a lot of power to handle all they are put through, their battery life may be rather limited when used as intended.

If you travel frequently, you might want something that is lighter and has a longer-lasting battery.

Our final thoughts

Are gaming laptops good for school?

We all are aware of how capable and effective gaming laptops are at running games and other high-intensity applications and apps.

This is excellent for those who need to utilize them for a school course that focuses on computers.

The majority of students don’t, however, find that their studies require them to be able to run several sophisticated programs.

In light of this, a gaming laptop may occasionally be quite unnecessary for only school work.

Additionally, because they are essentially intended to be used at a desk for the most of their lives, gaming laptops are not as well suited for traveling.

If you’re considering buying a laptop only for school work, we advise looking at other types of laptops geared more towards students.

Whether you’re an interior design student, nursing student, mechanical engineering student, accounting student, business student, computer science student, or programming student, we have you covered with the best choices for your specific area of study.

So, are gaming laptops good for school? Yes, gaming laptops are good for school if you plan on needing a little extra power.

What you get is a laptop that will last a very long time, has an excellent display that can compete with some of the top gaming displays, comes with a strong graphics card already installed (saving you the hassle), and can easily handle any job.

It has a premium price tag, yes, but is it really that costly when you take into account the amount that a premium conventional laptop costs?

As usual, the decision is yours, but if you’re looking for no-compromise laptop for school, a gaming laptop is the way can go.

Make sure to read our full review where we dive deep into the question, “are gaming laptops worth it?“.

Thank you and happy shopping!

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