How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool – 5 Personal Hacks

How to keep gaming laptop cool

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Overheating may lead to gradual deterioration of internal laptop components leading to decreased laptop life. Here we show you how to keep gaming laptop cool.

Cool gaming laptops are impeccable in terms of gaming. I’m a die-hard fan of these.

These flawless devices can daunt you only if you turn out to be a careless gamer. Today I’ll be posting a few hacks in regards to how to keep your gaming laptop cool.

Why do we care about the laptop cooling solutions at the front? The answer is pretty simple.

A gaming laptop, though compact and handy, withholds a CPU along with a powerful GPU.

This will make your laptop heats up. Maybe just immediately, you start playing a big game.

Overheating may lead to gradual deterioration of internal laptop components leading to decreased laptop life.

You instead need to take care of your gaming laptop just by following pretty simple hacks mentioned just below.


How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

Appropriate placement of the device.

Starting with the significant inability to achieve prompt cooling solutions for your gaming laptop. This lies in the improper placement of the computer.

This can be made via its placement over the lap or onto a pillow. A laptop should be placed on a plain, flat surface to allow cool air to get into the laptop fan from the underside.

Hard surfaces, floors, books are the best surfaces to put your laptop on. This will not just turn out to be a suitable laptop cooling solution but will eventually also turn down the noise issues monitored side by side.

Dust accumulation also produces excessive heat

Your laptop dust bunnies often need cleaning to get through all nostalgic vibes.

You may do this just by a secure method. Buy a compressed air can and spray it over the vents.

While doing so, make sure that your laptop is not connected to any of the power supply.

This is the mandatory precautionary measure that will cater to your laptop’s life in the long run.

A simple way to improve laptop cooling is by using a cotton swab. Just suck out all visible dust on and into the device panels.

Check for your BIOS settings

Laptop overheating can easily droll down your gaming experience. To accommodate this, you should alter the laptops’ software settings to let you know your fan’s action once the laptop starts gaining heat.

It differs for every laptop type. You need to check for the manufacturer’s BIOS update.

Keep your working environment cool

Room temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be the ideal working temperature for these working devices.

Chillers and heaters fitted in homes and offices can question much of the laptop’s credibility. Monitor the temperature with a program, namely SpeedFan.

Fan the place where you’re going to place your laptop

Keep a laptop near a fan. This will create a better ventilation system for your laptop’s external and internal core.

The dissipated heat will mix with the surrounding air letting cool airflow in.

Don’t just stick with your laptop 24/7

Your laptop, too, needs a rest. Let it be alone after you’ve used it for hours. Continuous gaming hours will deteriorate the laptop’s life and will be just a step back in ruining it to the most.

Also please, don’t even shut down or hibernate your PC after every while you use it. Let it be on the table while its screen is off.

How to keep gaming laptop cool externally?

There are specific reasonable options through which you can easily manage to keep your gaming laptop cool externally.

Use a laptop cooling pad

These laptop pads either have fans or the cooling vents. They may have both in integration.

This can turn out to be a reliable solution letting the more cooling airflow in. This air replaces the hot current by a simple phenomenon of convection.

Check out our recommendations for the best laptop cooling pads.

Buy a laptop stand

There are many fans and fanless laptop stands which can be folded and are adjustable.

These laptop pads come with an additional cooling pad that lowers down the heat acquisition produced from within the device.

Try this out, and you’ll not regret it after adopting this easy hack.

How to cool down the laptop without the cooling pad?

Cooling pads are an effective solution for quick shifting of an overheated laptop to a cooler mode.

The work by letting the cooling from the pad penetrate the sensors. This will reduce fan-spinning allowing the air to circulate effectively within the laptops.

But if you don’t want to bear an extra cost for the fan, you may adopt simple hacks mentioned above or the miscellaneous options discussed below.

  • Alter the in-game settings, which is GPU affiliated.
  • Replace a rattling fan with a new one.
  • An aluminum laptop stand can be a better, cheaper option.

How to keep gaming laptop cool while gaming (GPU)?

Heat sinking can abruptly affect your gaming experience. To tackle this, there are specific steps which are needed to be followed. These are:

  • Make sure that you don’t let your laptop be occupied with dust. Proper airflow will allow GPU and other laptop components to cool appropriately.
  • Install a case fan. This is usually installed at the computer chassis with screws and then pinned to the connector. This will blow the hot air away.
  • A PCI card can also bring about the minimal heating wave eliminating all the hot air through the vents.
  • Integrate a GPU cooler with the actual GPU card. This card gets clip with the GPU but has a good pick that allows heat dissipation at a faster rate.
  • Getting an external GPU will let you have an excellent desktop-level graphic with minimal heat production.
  • Further improve GPU cooling & temperatures using this guide

The product’s sustainability is guaranteed when it is handled with care. This will not just turn your laptops to be proficient in its task but will also increase the product’s life.

Buying these tech products or changing them can be difficult and would usually never meet the pocket limits.

The rest recommended taking care of your laptops and following pretty hacks on how to keep gaming laptops cool.

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